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Who We Are and Why We Matter

We Are The Largest Speakers Forum In Southern California

The Los Angeles World Affairs Council & Town Hall is the largest speaker’s forum in Southern California and focuses on educating Angelenos on the most current international, domestic, and regional affairs. Our spirit of facilitating civil discourse among Angelenos remains a crucial tenet of Los Angeles World Affairs Council & Town Hall’s mission. We host speakers from across the globe and produce at least two events per month on both the westside of Los Angeles and Downtown.


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Join a community of thoughtful and civic minded individuals passionate about discussing domestic and international affairs, politics, and policy.

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Gain access to a variety of members-only programs and benefits.

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Enjoy special opportunities to learn from, and exchange ideas with, national and global leaders and experts.


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What we do

Over The Last Six Decades The Council Has Hosted 8 Us Presidents And More Than 250 Heads Of State And Government

Our members and audience include significant figures from the worlds of business, philanthropy, education, medicine, the arts, government, the non-profit sector, aerospace, entertainment and technology, amongst others.

They represent all ages, races, religions, and walks of life — a microcosm of the cultural diversity to be found in Los Angeles. What binds them together is a common interest in national and international affairs, a shared desire to examine every facet of the important issues we face, and a willingness to hear opposing points of view with grace and civility.

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Jessica Dugandzic

Vice President of Events

Alexander Messmann

Executive Vice President

Kim McCleary Blue

President & CEO


Los Angeles World Affairs Council & Town hall @lawacthevents

Sep 4, 2019

IT’S OFFICIAL | We have merged with the Los Angeles World Affairs Council. Please follow us at our new page: @lawacthevents for ALL NEW event updates & content. Thank you so much to the Town Hall Los Angeles community for making our events and the last 82 years so special.

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