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LAWACTH Travelers in Saudi Arabia (2022)

Join us in Morocco from September 26 – October 8, 2023! Stay tuned for more details here, or email for more information.


2022 Tour Highlights – Saudi Arabia

In November of 2022, twenty LAWACTH members traveled to Saudi Arabia. In a trip that spanned the country and nearly two weeks, the group explored Jeddah, Abha, Al Ula, and Riyadh. Travelers had the truly unique opportunity to discover a country which, in a bid to shift the economy away from its dependence on the petroleum industry, has just opened up to visitors for the first time in its history. The tour group:

  • Met local officials, entrepreneurs, journalists, think tank leaders, urban planners and archaeologists
  • Explored UNESCO World Heritage sites including Madain Saleh, Diriyah, historic Jeddah and Al Hofuf
  • Enjoyed exclusive tours of traditional villages of ancient tribes and the newly opened King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture
  • Tasted traditional and contemporary Saudi cuisine

LAWACTH Signature Travel offers members the unique opportunity to engage with countries across the globe through first-hand cultural exchange. Delegations are both informative and enjoyable — including special access to local experts, artists, entrepreneurs, and political leaders, who give private briefings and unique behind-the-scenes insights to the country’s history and current events.

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A designated Council staff person accompanies each tour to assist with logistics, customer services, and ensuring our members have a smooth experience from the time they sign up for the tour to when they land back home after. Having Council members travel together means that you will have the chance to meet globally-minded people from your area, who can share this experience with you during and after your travels. We look forward to traveling with you!

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The Sphinx and Great Pyramids, Delegation to Egypt (2018)

Meeting with Poland’s Deputy Foreign Minister Maciej Lang at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Warsaw Tour of Eastern Europe (2019)

Private Dinner with Prime Minister of Bhutan Tshering Tobgay (Left); At UNESCO World Heritage Site Persepolis in Shiraz, Iran (Right)