The Future of U.S. Policy on Iran: Is Trump’s “Maximum Pressure Campaign” Working?

For forty-one years the United States has been locked in an unending conflict with the Islamic Republic in Iran. From hostage crisis to illicit financing of terrorism, empowerment of foreign proxies in targeting U.S. interests and the relations between the two countries have been unendingly tense but also marked by a desire for engagement by every American administration. This panel of international experts addresses how President Trump’s Iran policy has differed from other administrations, and what policies the US should consider moving forward when it comes to relations with Iran. Listen now to hear from: - Nazenin Ansari, Publisher and Managing Editor of two independent media outlets focusing on Iran - Kayhan London and Kayhan Life - Dr. Saeed Ghasseminejad, Senior Iran and Financial Economics advisor at Foundation for Defense of Democracies specializing in Iran’s economy and financial markets, sanctions and illicit finance - Alex Vatanka, Director of Iran Program and Senior Fellow, Frontier Europe Initiative at the Middle East Institute - Moderator: Susan Azzizadeh, Community Activist

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