Jeffrey Wasserstrom, Elaine Yu, and Sewell Chan: Hong Kong on the Brink

This livestream features Jeffrey Wasserstrom of UC Irvine's History Department, one of America’s leading China specialists, and Elaine Yu, a Pomona graduate from Hong Kong who is back in the city working as a freelance journalist and reporting for the New York Times. Prior to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, protests were erupting throughout Hong Kong, and gaining growing press and support from around the world. Now with lock-down orders in place, the protests have nearly stopped, yet the sentiments behind them haven't gone away. Wasserstrom and Yu discuss what's transpired in Hong Kong in the last two months in response to the pandemic, including the actions taken by Beijing and the recent arrests of prominent pro-Democracy activists in Hong Kong like Martin Lee. The discussion is moderated by Sewell Chan, Editorial Page Editor at the LA Times.

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