2020 Election Series: How Does Social Media Impact our Democracy?

The Kal Eisenberg Breakfast Series on the 2020 Election is produced monthly by The Los Angeles World Affairs Council & Town Hall. The series is named after Kal Eisenberg because he understood that our democracy was built on a foundation of spirited but respectful civic discourse and political dialogue. Each month focuses on a different core area of the 2020 election. This month honed in on the enormous and often confounding impact of social media on campaigns. On this livestream our series' host Dan Schnur, politics professor at USC, Berkley, and Pepperdine, is joined by Republican media strategist John Thomas. Listen for an engaging discussion on how campaigns use digital strategy to build momentum, the ways that digital politics impact United States democracy, and what should be paying attention to when thinking about how COVID-19 will shape the 2020 election.

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