Stephan Shakespeare on Global Data Analytics

Stephan Shakespeare (right) speaks with Dean Al Osborn on January 31, 2019.

Key Takeaways:

On Brexit:

“It’s unbelievably difficult to call [Brexit] at the moment. I think public opinion drives policies more than people would like to admit. The problem with Brexit is that the public doesn’t have a clear view of what it wants. The confusion in the public is reflected in the government.”

On big business and Brexit: "They were strongly in opposition to leaving the EU. Now, they really just want the decision. We need some solution that leads us to certainty - the biggest businesses don’t like change, they have built in advantages within the existing system."

On Data Protections:

"Mobile tech presents a big opportunity, but also an increased danger. The opportunity is that you can be with people in real time, but it can also make you nervous to be observed by a company in real time. It’s great for research but it is a negative for the customer."

"The thing that distinguishes non-dangerous companies from others is that they get data from people who know about it, the data is received by companies who are transparent about the purpose it serves. When it comes to General Data Protection Regulations, we are very much compliant. But the fear is that people have is that their privacy is being invaded, that they are giving data away unwillingly through cookies or other data trackers. It leads to consequences like getting advertising that’s totally inappropriate…they think I’m a woman when I’m a man, they think I’m conservative when I’m progressive. They’re getting a lot of it wrong."

On YouGov Data Collection:

"With the terrorist attacks in the UK, 2% of our panelists said they supported the attacks. We didn't pursue those people or do anything with the information of those that supported it."

"We try not to get involved in advising, we have reliable data and we are not consultants and we’re sticking to that - that’s not what we do, we don’t advise."

On Business:

"You have to have a creative vision about where you’re going. You want to go somewhere no one’s been. Go somewhere and build it…. Do the things you’re best at, not the things you’re second best at."

“The key thing for me is that you learn from the errors you make.”

This event was in partnership with UCLA Anderson School of Management.