Sicily’ at the Getty Villa

Thank you for coming to our event at the Getty Villa last night. It was a charmed setting for a fascinating exhibition that showed how Sicily acted as a cultural bridge between ancient Greece and Rome. We were delighted to have the President and CEO of the J. Paul Getty Trust James Cuno talk to us about how great museums “should celebrate the diversity and intermingling of the world’s cultures…. All cultures are involved in one another.” The curator of the exhibition, Claire Lyons, compared the diversity of ancient Sicily to modern-day Los Angeles, and also highlighted the ingenious restoration work the Getty’s own conservation staff did to stabilize and better present the Mozia charioteer sculpture. We trust you had a memorable evening dining in the peristyle of the Villa and wandering the spectacular exhibits. We have posted some photographs on our Facebook page.

As it happens, the LA Time’s review of the Sicily exhibition, appeared in today’s paper.
Read here: LA Times review of the 'Sicily' exhibit

And as for the berobed Mozia charioteer (David Beckham in drag, as Claire Lyons impishly suggested) - this is a provocative story about the mysterious origins and meaning of the charioteer – or was he really a charioteer? Read here: The Mystery of the Motya ‘Charioteer’

See you at another event soon!

Terry McCarthy